Presentation at the 39th Vicenza Course on AKI&CRRT 2021

Dr. Yacov Shacham, Director of the Cardiology ICU at the Tel Aviv Souraski Medical Center

“Early AKI detection & prevention – Urine flow matters”

Dr. Ami Mayo, Dir. ICU; Mr. Itzik Barnett, Head Nurse

Assuta Ashdod Medical Center, Israel 

The Clarity RMS in the ICU (General and COVID)

Prof. Gebhard Wagener, Dept. of Anesthesiology

Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, NYC

Continuous urine flow monitoring during and post cardiac surgery

Professor Vernon van Heerden

Dir. Of ICU, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem

The need for electronic urine monitoring in the ICU

Professor John Kellum’s presentation at the RenalSense Symposium

“Urine flow rate and its use as a biomarker in critical care”
at AKI&CRRT 2019 in San Diego